Arts in the Leuther Mühle

We are always trying to introduce some artists with their works in our house.
You are welcome to visit these exhibits after making an appointment by telephone.
In the context of our exhibitions we are pleased to present the following artist to you at the moment:

Andrea Franzioch
„abstraction and empathy“

It was almost a hundred years ago, in 1907, when the architect Adolf Loos called in his groundbreaking essay „Ornament und Verbrechen“ for all ornaments in architecture and art to be abandoned…

Andrea Franzioch (born 1968, Dresden)

Exhibitions (selection):

  • 2005 KölnKunst 7, exhibition of young art in Cologne at Colonius Carré Cologne2006 Works
  • 2006 Leonhardi Museum Dresden
  • 2006 Annette Brandhorst/Andrea Franzioch – Painting, Installation, BBK Cologne
  • 2007 The Art of Drive & Control, Art Award of Bosch Rexroth AG, IHK Würzburg
  • 2009 Favourite pieces, HALLE ZEHN Cologne2010 Spring Salon
  • 2010 All against Kerbach, Gallery Zanderkasten Dresden


  • 1997 to 2003 Study of Painting/Graphics at the HfBK Dresden
  • 1999 to 2003 in the class of Prof. Ralf Kerbach
  • 03/2000 to 03/2001 Studies in Cologne, visiting semester at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with Prof. Jürgen Klauke
  • 01/2003 to 03/2003 three months working stay in Cologne at the International Studio Project Cologne (CAP I) at the Clouth-Werke Cologne
  • 10/2003 to 09/2005 Master student of Prof. Ralf Kerbach
  • 2004 to 2010 Studio at CAP-Cologne, Clouth-Werke Cologne
  • …since 2011 studio in the „Quartier am Hafen“, Cologne